About Zavitoro Llc

Zavi Toro offers a carefully considered selection of the very best in Bags made of premium quality Genuine leather, Regular use bags, Other material bags, Top quality apparels and Attractive jewellary collections - that suit your individuality. By all mean in color, style and craftmanship it makes your moments special with selected product. 

Business of Zavitoro is Retail, Wholesale and Custom design. We try to fulfill the gap between expectation and end prodcuts. At Zavitoro the manufactured products and collections are designed and crafted preciously. Primary focus is to help customers on getting the right product and meet the purpose. 

Team of experienced designers and manufacturers across different regions. They can make luxury designs with proper finishing usin high quality materials. 
Styles available in Hobo bags, Mini Tote, Tote bags, Backpacks, Duffle travel bags for Women or Men.  Fashion available in Tshirts, Skirts, Jeans and Jewellaries. Check out for Ethnic, Knitted, Embroidery and Art n Craft pattern. In apparels please check the prints. 

Products such as Apparels for Men and Women, and Jewellery are prepared and made ready by USA and EU designers only. Bags, made of genuine leather and others, are manufactured in and sourced from own international production farm and associated international manufacturers. 

Shipping for all products are kept FREE for user convenience. Since shipping is our responsibility we are able to maintain Low cost shipping rate compared to market rate and Uniform delivery process at your doorstep. So we dont charge anything extra for Shipping. We just request some patience and time from you so that we can serve you with a better product at better price.

Time is precious.  Zavi toro values your time and patience. We assure to ship USA and EU products such as Apparels and Jewellary within 3 to 7 business days. It includes the time of inspecting, packaging and transporting the selected product.

Whereas, Bags take around 2-3 weeks of total time (7-15 business days) to reach to you. But  . . .  you will not just get a tracking number, you will get a Tracking link where you can click and see the status of bags on every step. This way you can plan accordingly by the time the product finally reaches to you. 

Returns are easy at Zavi toro. Once you recive it and incase for some reason you dont like to keep it then please go to purchase history and click on return. We will confirm your return within 24 hours on Email. You are requested to return the product by your own within 30 days to our sales mail address located within USA.   

Zavi Toro provides - 
  • Quality service 
  • Free shipping
  • Easy returns (conditions applied)
  • Free Consultation on product selection
  • Custom Design and sample making
There are lot more coming in Zavi Toro. Stay tuned for seasonal offers and promotions. Please SIGN up now.